General information

Duration: 4 months
Commitment: Full-time

As a result of the expansion of the scope of activities of our organization and the signed partnerships with universities and schools across the country, we intend to accept trainees by the Erasmus + program. Innovative in the internship is that the internship will be held in several cities, because we organize events in different parts of Bulgaria constantly. We organize events mainly in Veliko Tarnovo, Varna, Plovdiv and Ruse. The main city where the trainees will live is Svishtov and they will participate in events in another cities in the country. This way the trainee will gain practical experience in organizing, conducting and reporting of educational courses, to improve their teamwork skills. Many other skills will be gained during their work in multicultural environment.


All candidates have to send their CV and a cover letter, explaining why they want to participate in the internship, no later than 10.05.2021. For subject of e-mail place write: Candidate for internship

Send your requests to 

Each candidate need to know the terms for participating in internship, according to their university.

We will provide all documentation and send it through the post, if necessary.


Institute Perspectives does not provide salary for the internship. All funds for the student depend on their university.

Institute Perspectives can help in finding appropriate accommodation in the central part of the town. In the apartment there will be another Erasmus trainees.

The internship can start at earliest on 01.06.2021 The duration of the internship can be between 2 and 4 months.


Will be taught the function of European projects, as the accent is on the bond between politics, programs and projects of the EU. The internship will help the development of practical skills for preparation of projects. During the internship will be learned the main steps for the successful development of an European projects.

Decrease the level of social exclusion and increase the social life of youngsters using non-formal education programmes that provide personal(self-confidence and self-esteem, independence, adaptability, creativity and ability to innovate, personal expression, sociability) and professional development.

The current internship aspires to stimulate European integration, art and cultural habits with young people. Our association have propose to involve new ideas and a wider scope of experience in the community life. Coordination and exchange are keywords in this internship. There are many learning opportunities for the interns  like discovering many kinds of arts, new skills, a new language, involving children and youngsters in creative sessions and take responsibility to realise an our projects. The intern will learn how projects are set up, how sessions and workshops are concepted, what methodology we use for art education, how they can organise and take responsibilities themselves in projects, courses or sessions. The intern will mostly work with young people and will be participating in workshops with them, but also get the opportunity to work together with them on our local, national and international projects.

In the end of the internship the participants will have main knowledge for the EU politics and strategies. They will gain practical skills in management of European projects. They will be able to develop project ideas alone or in teamwork.

There are 5 pillars that will be addressed by the internship:

-Increasing of using non-formal methods for motivation of youngsters.

-Team Building

-Skills development

-Code of conduct and project rules and procedures

-Working place and target group induction

-Planning and risk management


– Preparing of presentations;

– Working with management of real programs;

– Identifying of projects;

– Creating budget for the project;

– Practical organization of the project;


Preparation, Adaptation and Training programme – which takes place immediately after intern arrival and represents an additional task related support and coaching programme that aims to help the induction process, matching expectations between all parties involved(organisation, volunteers, partners), task related and targeted skill increase


The main criteria will be self-identified needs and interests of the intern in terms of personal and professional development – such as learning about social work, youth work and non-formal methods, working youngsters, tolerance and inter-institutional cooperation mechanisms development.

No financial compensation

Additional Information

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