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We offer possibilities for students from social, humanitarian, administration and pedagogical studies to do their internship with us. 

Association Institute Perspectives, is an educational organization dedicated to the implementation of European integration policies in the Republic of Bulgaria by developing, testing and implementing innovative methods and approaches in the field of social entrepreneurship, intercultural and human rights, non-formal education and the protection of cultural, historical and natural heritage.

Institute Perspectives, are member of National Working Group for implementation of  EU Youth Dialogue.

And Public Youth Council at the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Bulgaria. Since 2016, we engage more than 20 European students to do their summer internships.  From 1 July 2020, we start with implementation of:






Aim of 5th edition.

To create an atmosphere of effective dialogue that will inspire participants to be transformed from passive observers into a major creative force. To form a foundation of trust that will inspire young people to develop an initiative that leads to employment and full participation in local communities. We want to develop the creative process of social innovation that promotes youth engagement.


Reasons for implementation of 5th Summer Academy:

To prevent the radicalization of young people in small settlements, which at the moment are favored by factors such as: a strong sense of personal and cultural isolation, a sense of injustice or humiliation, reinforced by social marginalization, xenophobia and discrimination. Combined with unstable family ties as a result of labor migration and limited opportunities for education and employment, young people turn to followers of extreme nationalist ideologies and adherents of populist ideas. We want to provide an environment that favors the discovery of the individual talents and potential of participants who are directly at risk of social exclusion.




-To acquire competence for transform conceptual intentions based on day-to-day challenges into relevant social innovations that promote the full social, professional and cultural integration of young people vulnerable to small EU settlements.

-To develop practical skills for cross-sectoral cooperation of youth organizations, educational, public institutions and businesses in local communities.

-To increase the trust of local communities, about the beneficial effect of EU youth and education policies.

-To help the existing business by adapting new forms of employment.



The logical consistency is preparation, implementation and evaluation.


-Preparation phase is divided into four modules: intercultural communication and educational methods; thematic, practical and risk management. They will be done in Svishtov.

-In the implementation phase, our youth workers, will explain to interns our methodologies such as: First step toward EU values, New Horizons and Danube Survivor. And interns will implement 5 trainings which will last 5 days each. The trainings will be done in small towns in Bulgaria.

-Evaluation, the interns together with youth people, will begin realization of transformation ideas. Interns, will help the local youth to create foundation for future development. This phase will be done in September 2020.



- European projects assistant

- Education events assistant manager

General information about position: European projects assistant


Will be taught the function of European projects, as the accent is on the bond between politics, programs and projects of the EU. The internship will help the development of practical skills for preparation of projects. During the internship will be learned the main steps for the successful development of an European projects.

In the end of the internship the participants will have main knowledge for the EU politics and strategies. They will gain practical skills in management of European projects. They will be able to develop project ideas alone or in teamwork.



- Preparing of presentations;

- Working with management of real programs;

- Identifying of projects;

- Creating budget for the project;

- Practical organization of the project;


This internship is suitable for students, who study Politology, European studies and all economic sciences.


General information about position: Education events assistant manager


To decrease the level of social exclusion and increase the social life of youngsters using non-formal education programmes that provide personal(self-confidence and self-esteem, independence, adaptability, creativity and ability to innovate, personal expression, sociability) and professional development.

The current internship aspires to stimulate European integration, art and cultural habits with young people. Our association have proposed to involve new ideas and a wider scope of experience in the community life. Coordination and exchange are keywords in this internship. There are many learning opportunities for the interns like discovering many kinds of arts, new skills, a new language, involving children and youngsters in creative sessions and take responsibility to realise our projects. The intern will learn how projects are set up, how sessions and workshops are concepted, what methodology we use for art education, how they can organise and take responsibilities themselves in projects, courses or sessions. The intern will mostly work with young people and will be participating in workshops with them, but also get the opportunity to work together with them on our local, national and international projects.



-The main criteria for selection is self-identified needs and interests of the intern in terms of personal and professional development - such as learning about social work, youth work and non-formal methods, working with youngsters, tolerance and inter-institutional cooperation mechanisms development.



-Knowledge for preparation, implementation and evaluation of youth educational activities for empowerment.

-Competences for establishing cooperation between different learning settings and non-formal learning providers.

-Skills for development of European educational space.

-Practical knowledge for designing proposals for KA102, KA105, KA201, KA202, KA204 and KA205 under Erasmus+  programme.  And  European solidarity corps projects.



You can watch the videos below.

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All candidates have to send their CV and a cover letter, explaining why they want to participate in the internship, no later than 03.05.2020.  For subject of e-mail place write Subject – European projects assistant OR Education events assistant manager. The subject is related to yours prefer position.


Send your requests to IRO@institute-perspectives.com


Each candidate need to know the terms for participating in internship, according to their university.

We will provide all documentation and send it through the post, if necessary.