Обявяваме свободни места за участие в международен младежки обмен посветен на социалното предприемачество!

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Сдружение „Институт Перспективи“ като координираща организация по международен проект обявява процедура за подбор на участници и доброволци  за участие в младежки обмен на темаAGAINST YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT THROUGH SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP  който ще се проведе в периода 22-30.04.2017,  в Свищов, България.

Ограничението във възрастта за участници е 16г. – 24г. Участниците трябва да участват в във всички дейности по проекта от началото до края. Те ще бъдат настанени в хотела заедно с участниците от Европа. 

За доброволци, възрастово ограничение няма. Доброволците не са задължени да присъстват при провеждането на всички дейности. Те  ще имат специфични задачи за изпълнение. Те няма да бъдат настанени в хотела, за тях ще бъде организиран безплатен транспорт до мястото на изпълнението на проекта. 

Курса се организира по програма „Еразъм+“ по КД1сектор „Младеж“.  През 2016 г. подобен обмен, споделяме Ви видео за да разберете повече!  Видеото можете да видите малко по-надолу. 

Видеоклип в YouTube

Желаещите е нужно да се запознаят добре с резюмето на проекта:

“Against Youth Unemployment through Social Entrepreneurship” is a joint development project of 8 NGOs from Italy, Portugal, France, Belgium, Greece, Slovakia, Romania and the Association “Institute Perspectives” from Bulgaria at the role of the coordinator. A major problem in the European Union is the large quantity of “NEETs group” – the youngsters who do not work, nor educate themselves in some way. According to a result of a research from Eurostat from 11th August 2016 in 28 EU countries 12% of the young people at age of 15-24 come from NEETs group. The problems stemming from the migration crisis and the fact that a great number of people from different cultures and nationalities live in Europe are a challenge. There is an increasing need to create innovative solutions for future coexistence, to take into account the existence of social problems from outside the economic area and to fight against an inability to tackle immanent social functions of the entrepreneurship and the market economy. The partner organizations has set as a main goal of the project to increase the knowledge of 32 youngsters at age of 15-24 from the NEETs group through sharing great practices between young people, experts, representatives of the public authorities, people from the business area and social entrepreneurs. Moreover, 8 team leaders over 18 years old will be expected to develop the process either alone or in a group from a simple idea to a developed working method of the social entrepreneurship. The main purpose of the project is the youth exchange which will be held in Svishtov, the town in Bulgaria, with the participation of all partner organizations. Through the youth exchange with the involvement of 32 youngsters and 8 team leaders and their cohesive work during 9 days we will be able to complete our mission of the project- the aim is to increase the knowledge of the target group. Consequently, the group will be able to develop the process “idea->working model” of the social entrepreneurship either alone or in a groups. In order to make an influence on the youngsters at age of 13-30 from NEETs group who live in the regions of the partner organizations, all participants will organize an initiative for multiply and develop the experience. By doing so, the new acquired competences will be implemented directly in the youth exchange. During the project mainly informal methods and techniques will be used, such as: brainstorming, canvas, mandala, presentations, group working, shared space, creative workshops, drama theatre, discussions, learning by creating, happenings, nodes, simulations, role-playing games that include ice-breaking ones, energizers concentrated on the multicultural aspect, etc. All mentioned non-formal education methods have been previously agreed with the partners. All participants will create together minimum 6 ideas, about starting business, based on the principles of the social entrepreneurship. The ideas will be included in a detailed book with good practices. Each idea will be visualized through a short movie of 7 minutes minimum. The participants will realize the main aim for social entrepreneurship according to which an individual should help with solving social tasks to vulnerable groups and members of the society. During the process of creating the ideas about the social entrepreneurship the chance of including migrants into the process of implementation of social enterprises will be taken into account. Thus, it will favor the process of engaging the inactive work power of the migrants which will not only encourage to be tolerant but also affirm work models and mutual aid between the “old” and “new” Europeans. Furthermore it will be a condition about a stable inclusive growth of the European Union.

The results after the successful execution of the activities from the project will be as follows: -An impact related to the increase of institutional capacity of the NGOs and the countries, showing interest which implement policy in the social and education areas. A stimulation of education will be achieved.

-Through the non-formal methods the target groups will broaden their chances of studying.

-The participants will modernize their knowledge, competences and skills about the development of the social entrepreneurship ideas.

-Executing the ideas in a working business modules will cause increase of the chances of hiring unemployed youngsters, in the result the high levels of youth unemployment in the EU will decrease.

-The new creative models of social entrepreneurship will help unite the hard work of youngsters, refugees, NGOs and investors against the enormous problem of youth unemployment. According to the partner organizations from the project, solutions will be feasible through the creation and execution of entrepreneurship ideas and it will favor the social development of the whole European society.

Ако имате желание да участвате е нужно да направите следните стъпки!

Членовете, младежките работници и доброволците на Институт Перспективи е нужно да изпратят e-mail на erasmuska1@institute-perspectives.com с тема: :“AYUTSE“. в срок до 13.03.2017.  В мейла трябва да се съдържат следните данни:

1. Три имена:

2. Години:

3.В какви дейности на Институт Перспективи сте участвали: 

4. За какво кандидатствате:  Участник или доброволец?

За кандидати, които не са част от Институт Перспективи:

1.      Три имена:

2.      Дата на раждане и година:

3.      Специалност и образователна степен:

4.      Професия/месторабота:

5.      Каква според вас е ролята на ЕС спрямо България и младежите:

6.      Участвали ли сте в други младежки обмени или тренинг курсове боравещи с методите на неформалното учене:

(Ако дапосочете максимум три. Както и вашето отношение спрямо бъдещето на неформалното учене в България?)

7.       Колко време бихте отделили в бъдеще за развитието на младежкият потенциал в града в който живеете:

8.      Вашето ниво на английския език:

9. Did you participate in events using non-formal methods of education?

10.    Do you have a desire to develop social entrepreneurship?

11.Your Motivation for participation in the exchange is?

12. How will contribute to the achievement of the project objectives?

13.За какво кандидатствате:  Участник или доброволец?

Успех на всички кандидати за доброволци и участници!