Institute Perspectives looking for partners for KA2 - Strategic Partnerships for youth

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Programme: Erasmus+

Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Action Type: Strategic Partnerships for youth



Youth workers will work for supporting young people to organised initiatives, which use methods of non-formal learning and youth works principles. For period of 12 months, 4 youth workers in partner countries will have duties to organised events together with local young people.

They need to organised actions for empowering young people of three groups:

-Young people from NEETs group (15-29 years old)

-High school students (13-18 years old)

- Young people from minorities at risk of social exclusion (13-29 years old)

Youth workers is need to carried out activities, which will preventing racism and intolerance among youth; foster the inclusion and employability of young people with fewer opportunities (including NEETs) giving particular emphasis to young people at risk of marginalisation and young people with a migrant background, including newly arrived immigrants and young refugees; promote inter-cultural dialogue and strengthen knowledge and acceptance of diversity in society. The youth workers shall promote better knowledge about the situation of young people and youth policies, recognition and validation of youth work and non-formal learning at European and local levels.

During the project implementation we will organised 3 transnational meeting.

One in each partner organisation. In this meetings will participate each of involved youth workers in activities of local level. The duration of meetings will be 5 working days. The tasks for meetings will be:

- To see innovation methods in host organisation, which will be multiply in partner countries.   

- Partners organisation will share achieved results of implementation of project.

- Coordinating the next action of implementation of project.

During the project the partners will create two intellectual results:

-Web system with video demonstrations of good practice in the field of youth work through non-formal learning techniques.

-Book, which will provide methodology for activation young people from small settlements and rulal areas for participation of european integration proces.



-We looking for NGO, which work in less development parts of Europe, in region where the rate of euroscepticism are high. In part where lives people from minority groups. We loking for NGO, which help for empowerment of young people in their region.

-The partner NGO is obligatory to have strong conection with local young people and good relations with high schools and municipality.

-The partner NGO is need to have minumum 1 year experiens of organisation and implementation of activities on local and european level.


If you want to be our partner, please send to us your PIF, videos and documents, which provide evidence, that you are really sustainable NGO, which carried of activities for young people in small statements.   

Send your e-mails to with topic:  KA2 - SUPPORTING ACTIVATION OF YOUTH , before 02.04.2017


More information for our activates and mission you can find here:


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