Do you want to become a non-formal educator?

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(Private training course for humans with European soul)

Are you taking part of youth exchanges or training courses, but you are not satisfied?

Are you applying for training course or youth exchange, but you are not selected?

Are you looking for participating in serious training course, where you can develop your skills to organise non-formal educational activities?   

Do you have desire to meet responsible and motivated partners for your future Erasmus+ projects?

Do you have desire to develop professional skills in youth work via non-formal educational techniques?

Do you need support to realise  your ideas? We can help you to design, implement and evaluate your youth exchange under Erasmus+ programme.


Be ready… we will present you amazing opportunity, which can change your life in positive way!

Thanks to European integration process, we can fly to a lot of place almost for free. Thanks to the EU, we don`t need visa and any barriers to visit all EU member states! Thanks to the work of many educational experts for the last 29 years, it exists now a hundred of non-formal tools which support the development of young people potential.

But the opportunity to get useful knowledge about this topic is limited. For this reason and many others, we collect the positive values of European integration, non-formal learning. And we, Institute Perspectives, choose to create and organise a special training course by removing the bureaucracy procedures and by using the principles of social entrepreneurship.

We invite you to join us from the 1st July 2017 to the 8th July 2017.


But where?

In Svishtov?

Svishtov? Where is it?

It’s a town in the North of Bulgaria, on the Danube river’s side, at the border with Romania where a great team came together and became trainers in the field of Non-Formal Education. And This summer, they decided to hold a training course about Non-Formal Education in order to share their knowledge and competences with everyone who’s interested in it.

But why Non-formal education?

It has its place within the educational system in Europe, but why? Because it can bring you many competences and skills for your personal and professional development: it can be used as a powerful tool for a better employment and a tool for young people to realise that they are actors in societies who can change their empowerment at a local level but also at a European level as well.

Non-formal learning is a powerful and long term tool. Indeed, it has to be adapted to the target groups it is supposed to reach (NEETs, Youth workers, Immigrants, Minorities…). It is changing according to the culture, to the language and to the country. This is the reason why it is important to share ideas and also to always be updated about new practices and methods.


Why you should choose this training course?

ð  Participants will learn to distinguish the different educational approaches and methods such as formal, informal and non-formal.

ð  Non-formal education has its advantages and its drawbacks. This training course will show you which are those and how to avoid them or deal with them.

ð  You will experiment different non-formal education methods and they will feel the power of action that it can give them.

ð  You will analyse how Non-formal education is perceived in different European countries and within Europe but you will analyse its role in those countries and in Europe.

ð  You will learn how it can be used as a way of showing cultural diversities and also a way of working in an intercultural atmosphere.

ð  You will learn how to reconsider non-formal learning daily to adapt it to the young people.

ð  You will carry out a reflexion about how Non-formal education can affect the employability of the youth workers.

ð  You will learn how to develop and spotlight young people’s competences through their creativity, communication skills, team work and self-confidence.

How will these goals carry out?

-          Non-formal education is not only about learning practices but to experience, to share, to feel and to live this learning fulling.

-          Once the emotional part is done, it has to be analysed and understood in order to see how it can be a tool for social local changes.

-          For a better impact, it is important that the participants are willing to be fully part of the practices, methods and experiences proposed. They need to be actors of this training course as much as the trainers for purposes of understanding and learning better the non-formal education process.

All these goals will be implemented through brainstorming, canvas, group works, presentations, shared space, creative workshops, drama theatre, discussions, nodes, simulations, role-playing games including ice-breaking and energizers concentrated on multicultural aspects.

Why should you choose Svishtov, Bulgaria?

Trainers of “Institute Perspectives” are experienced in the fields of Non-formal education, Youth work and social entrepreneurship. They can combinate Youth workers, entrepreneurs and professionals (between amateurs and experts work together).

Coming to Svishtov to participate in such programmes is a challenge at different levels such as geographical, social, culturally and economically. Nevertheless, it is a cheap country and its people are lovely and funny. They try their best to integrate minorities, young people with fewer opportunities within the training courses setting up at a local or European level.

In the town and its people is full of tradition: restaurants, food and music.

Why should you choose Institute Perspectives?

Institute Perspectives” is the biggest organisation of the region involving young people from various backgrounds. We were partner in more than 50 youth exchanges under Erasmus+ and Youth in Action programmes and we are very well implemented at the local level among youngsters. Last year, we implemented three national projects to develop youth via non-formal learning methods. Our youth workers have rights to facilitate education activities in many high schools and three universities in five Bulgarian towns. We are the first to have published an educational program as a key competence via non-formal education in Bulgaria. Until the end of year, we will publish two handbooks to plan, to implement and to evaluate non-formal education activities.

We can provide you a new experience in the field of Non-formal education while you will develop new skills and competences that you can share at your local level with young people.

If you are interested in building partnerships, implementing European projects at a local and international level, we are able to support you.

Institute Perspectives is an organisation sharing the European values such as social integration, intercultural understanding, prevent violent radicalism, inclusion of people with fewer opportunities and lately migrants and we are trying to implement them at the local and European level through many different training course and actions.

One of our main goal is to fight against unemployment particularly through Non-formal education and by pushing young people to participate actively in citizenship and democratic society.

During the training course, the education session will be lead all over the town. For example, in forest, riverside, university, high schools, municipality and many other places.



ð       Being 18 years old or over (no age limit)

ð      Be interested in developing or acquiring Non-formal education methods and skills

ð     Have desire to work with young people via non-formal methods.

ð      Have desire to apply for Erasmus+ grant.

ð     Good level of English is required in order to be successful in your learning.


Participation fees:

ð     Participation fee for the educational part: 70€/person for the training course. The price includes educational materials and transport during the course.

The team of Institute Perspectives is responsible only for the education part during the course. Every day from 09:30 to 18:30. From our various experiences, we are aware that some problems can be related to accommodation, food and many other issues (personal…) which can change the course of the training course and affect the educational process. 

                                                                                                          Other fees:

All other fees like travel coast, accommodation, food and etc. will be covered by participants related to their wishes. We only can provide you support   how to reach Svishtov and the place of the educational activities.

For example, you can find cheap low cost flights to Sofia, Bulgaria or Bucharest, Romania from every big airport in the EU. Svishtov is in between   this two capitals, and public transport ticket are no more than 25 euro from any direction.

Moreover, in Svishtov, you can find accommodation between 5 and 50 euros per night. Good food per person and per day is in between 7 and 10 euros.

If you are interested, we can propose you accommodation and food: 15€/day (but you can also look for other option in Svishtov).


Application procedure:

                                                                                                1 stage (applying)

Before 11.06.2017, send us an e-mail on with object: Candidate for TNPNFL“. Also answer this questions:

1. Name, Surname

2.Country of residence

3.Short explanation, why you want to join the training course.

In 12.06.2017 we will send you e-mail with official acceptance, and detailed program of course and bank details for payment.

2 stage (confirmation)

From 12.06 to 18.06.2017

You shall pay the participation fee. And send us back an e-mail answering these questions.

1.      Gender:

2.      Birth date:

3.      Your experience in non-formal education:

4.      Your personal aims for development via this training course:

5.       Your useful ways of learning for example (via reading, listening, watching, etc.)

6.       Your education degree:

7.      Your personal characteristics:

8.      Any other info, related to you which have common point with learning and communication with other people:

All this information is needed for trainers, to design more understandable education programs. The information will be used by members of Institute Perspectives. The information will not be shared with other participants.

3 Stage (preparation)

1. management of your trip to Svishtov and back.

2. Management of the logistic such as accommodation, food and etc.

3. You will receive online resource for reading.

4.You must be in training area in Svishtov, Bulgaria before 20:30 on 01.07.2017


What happened after the training course?

If you find new friends and if you want to keep this connection! If you get inspiration to organise initiatives for youths via non-formal methods, the experts from Institute Perspectives can support you to design project proposals and to apply for October deadline to get fund from Erasmus+.


Pictures from our last national and international education courses !


Videos about our mission: 

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