CALL FOR PARTNERS for project: The youth as guarantors for Future of European values

posted Aug 15, 2016, 6:13 AM by Institute Perspectives   [ updated Aug 15, 2016, 6:14 AM ]

Project name: The youth as guarantors for Future of European values

Program: Mobility of youth workers, KA1, Erasmus+


We are looking for 8 partners from Erasmus+ programme countries. Each partner needs to send 2 youth workers – no age limit. In the project, 16 youth workers from these 8 countries will work together.


Important Dates: 

01.02 – 12.03.2017 – Inquiry, we will collect testimonials from 150 young people from EU countries for their views about the future of European values.

26.03 - 10.04. 2017 (14 working days) – Mobility of youth workers in Bulgaria.

17.04 – 12.05. 2017 - Locally based initiatives;


In recent years, many unprecedented events have happened in Europe and in other parts of the world. For instance, the war in Ukraine, the financial crisis in Greece, the war in Syria, Arab spring, terrorist attacks in Paris, etc. As a result, the flow of refugees to the EU member states increased continuously. To make things worse, the Financial World Crisis from 2007, with which many EU member states are still struggling, along with the high rate of unemployment amongst youths, and according to Eurostat’s data from 2014 the number of the permanently unemployed was added up to 5.5 million. And here the alarming question arises: “Will the EU succeed to manage with these difficulties?”

These problematic situations, are in favour of the formation of extremely right- wing nationalist movements and political parties, which in their pre-election campaigns, clearly promote leaving EU.

The vast majority of the youth could be fascinated by the extremely right-wing political formations’ ideas. To decrease their influence, we have to take measures to protect European Union’s future. During the project, we will carry out an inquiry, through which we will analyze the viewpoints of 150 young people from the EU. We will execute training in Svishtov, Bulgaria and we will train 16 defenders of "European values". During the mobility, the participants will work 7 days together in Svishtov to create the methodology and to design new non-formal methods related to the topic. After that, they need to plan events for 3 days in which 25 Bulgarian young people will participate. All participants will be separated into 4 groups of 4 members and they will have tasks to organize their own events. And from day 8 to day 10 they will implement their events in Svishtov, Ruse, Varna and Veliko Tarnovo. During these four events, youth workers will work with 100 young Bulgarians from NEETs group. After these events, all participants will work together to update their methods. Furthermore, they will compose a handbook with topic: “How to protect European values.” After the mobility, the youth workers need to organize events for youth in their organizations and towns. During these events, they will use the new created methods. In each event, the partners need to include minimum 20 people.

Program for mobility period

26.03.2017 – Arrival;

27.03 – 02.04. 2017 – Works for creation of methodology in Svishtov (All 16 participants will create methods for protection of European values);

03.04 – 05.04. 2017 – Implementation of methods (With group by 4 participants, we will organize events with groups of 25-30 young Bulgarians in Svishtov, Veliko Tarnovo, Ruse and Varna);

06.04 – 09.04. 2017 – Update the methods; (All 16 participants will describe their new methods in special handbook. All participants will create the special videos of our works and new methods);

10.04.2017 – Departure.



- Four 3-day events in Bulgaria, in which we will include 100 local youth from NEETs group;

- 2 short movies with topic “The power of European values”;

- Handbook – How to protect European values;

- Eight events in partner country, in which we will include more than 160 youth Europeans.


Responsibility for partners before the mobility:

- To send two youth workers with experience in working with the young and knowledge of non-formal education and methods;

- To share our project in their web page and social media;

- To read the educational resources which will be sent 2 months prior to the mobility.  

Responsibility for partners during the mobility:

-To participate actively in all session.

-To take part in creation of short movies;

-To take part in designing the methods of protection of European values;

-To write text which will be included in the handbook with other participants.

Responsibility for partners after the mobility:

-To organize one-day event, and use our new designed methods.

-To share the videos and handbook in their country and city.



-After the mobility, the participants send us all original tickets and invoice;

-After filling their participant report to European commission;

-After sending us the report for the local events with the attendance sheet of participants and pictures.


If the project is approved and before the coordinator organisation Association “Institute Perspectives signing the contract with Bulgarian national agency, we will sign special agreement in which we will confirm all duties and tasks, described in application forms.

If you want to be our partner, send us your PIF till 28.08.2016 to with topic: “The youth as guarantors for Future of European values.” With selected partners, we will have Skype meeting before signing the mandate later.

Information about coordinating organization:


PIC number: 925500087

Full legal name

Сдружение „Институт Перспективи“

Full legal name (English)

Association “Institute Perspectives”




3-th Stoyan Mihailovski Str.






Veliko Tarnovo



Phone number


National ID



Type of Organization


Is the partner org. a public body?


Is the partner org. a non-profit?


Activity level


Has the organization received any type of accreditation before submitting this application?



Have you participated in a European Union granted project in the 3 years preceding this application?


EU Programme


Project Identification or Contract Number


Erasmus+, KA1, Youth Exchange



Association “Institute Perspectives”


The “Institute Perspectives” is one of the fastest evolving NGOs in Bulgaria, working mainly on the development and implementation of youth potential. The founders of the “Institute Perspectives” originally established a student philosophy club on 27th March 2012, headquartered in Philosophy Faculty of the “Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius” University of Veliko Tarnovo. Since then, four new student clubs have been founded in Varna, Ruse, Plovdiv and Sofia. As a result of the various activities carried out by the above-mentioned student clubs, their founders decided to establish a non-profit organization. Its goal is to facilitate broader-scale and various initiatives, which help the youth to develop their potential in Bulgaria and in the European Union. On 27th August 2015, the Association “Institute Perspectives” was established as a completely legal non-governmental, public-profit organization with economic activity rights.

We have official cooperation agreements with Academy of Economics “D.A. Tsenov”, Varna University of Economics, State High school of Economics “Dimitar Hadzivasilev” and The High School “Dimitar Blagoev”. In these education institutions, there are more than 27 000 young Bulgarians from 14-29 years of age. And for each of our youth exchange or training courses in Bulgaria and abroad, we share the current opportunities for participation via our official website. Furthermore, we have good relations with Youth House of Veliko Tarnovo. These five institutions provide us with free conference rooms for our events and educational courses. During the last 4 years, with these 5 institutions we have organized more than 120 common events, such as conferences, public lectures, debates, information campaigns, International scientific Journal, Education courses, TV Shows, etc. Moreover, we have helped and encouraged them to create and develop projects of Erasmus+. We have sent employees and students from these institutions to youth exchanges.  

The members of our board are young people up to 30 years old, however for the better implementation of our initiatives, we invited 20 academics and experts of the national level. We have combined the youthful zeal with wisdom and responsibility of adults for the sake of the development of Bulgarian society. Our Association has 5 departments and 6 clubs in the country. For our initiatives, the Institute relies on the support of 150 young people from Svishtov, Veliko Tarnovo, Varna, Plovdiv, Ruse and Sofia. Since 2012, we have sent our representatives to more than 35 Erasmus+ youth exchanges and training courses. We have included more than 250 young Bulgarians in activities of European education programs like Erasmus+, Youth in Action and Europe for citizen. 90% of them participate for first time in European education initiatives. In Bulgaria, we have big problem with NEETs’ group. In our country, we have 167 670 young people who aged from 16-24; and they neither study nor work. Therefore, our association try to involve them in social activities through European and national educational initiatives. From July 2016, we have accepted and involved interns from France, Poland and Spain in our main office in Svishtov. One of their tasks is to work with young people and show them the wide range for self-development through European programs. We are the only organization that works with NEET’s in our municipality. Through involving young people from NEETs to European youth exchanges, we show them that EU can support their development and future. In addition, in the past 3 years, we have published 10 books with scientific works and essays of young people from 15 countries in the world. In our issues, more than 200 young people published their ideas and impression about the world. Following is the link of all the published books that you can refer here.

Purposes of the Association:

1. To encourage the development of a civil society, to integrate the young generations with their democratic values and principles, to boost the free flow of ideas and information, intellectual values and cooperation models;

2.To provide opportunities for self-development and professional career development for young people through European projects;

3. To involve young people with less opportunity to participate in European initiatives and activities;

4. To counteract and prevent negative phenomena of Euroscepticism;

5. To create partnerships with States and community institutions to ensure good practices in the development of European projects, to advance working quality at all levels of all subjects concerned with European integration;

6. To render information about exchange programs, organized by various national and international institutions, and to enable its members to participate;

7. To facilitate the integration and socialization of marginalized groups of the population (refugees, disabled people, ethnic minorities, the needy and others).


Our moto is – We don’t have dreams, we have goals!