Call for partners for project in Svishtov, Bulgaria.

posted Dec 27, 2015, 7:05 AM by Institute Perspectives   [ updated Jan 12, 2016, 11:23 PM ]


The Non-profit Association

“Institute Perspectives”

Invites you for project -

‘’The youth, as defenders of European values ‘’


In 2015 a lot of events with no analogue in recent years have happened in Europe and in other parts of the world. For instance the war in Ukraine, the financial crisis in Greece, the war in Syria, Arab spring, terrorist attacks in Paris and etc. As a result the refugee flow to the EU member states repeatedly increased, taking in account the Financial World Crisis from 2007, from which many EU member states still have not succeeded to overcome it, and also if we add the high rates of unemployment amongst youths, which according to Eurostat’s data from 2014 it adds up to 5.5 millions of permanently unemployed ones. And here the alarming question arises: Will the EU succeed to manage with these difficulties?

These problematic situations, are in favour of the formation of extremely
right- wing nationalist movements and political parties, which in their pre-election campaigns clearly promote leaving EU.

Big part of the youth could be fascinated of the extremely right-wing political formations’ ideas. To decrease their influence, we have to take measures to protect European Union’s future. During the project we will carry out an inquiry, through which we will analyze the point of view of 1000 youths from EU. We will execute training in Svishtov, Bulgaria and we will train 36 defenders of "European values". We will compose a manual of the "young defender of European values" we will also organize 36 public initiatives in 10 European states, by which we will show that we, the youth, support the European integration of our countries.   


This current suggestion combines innovative aspects. This is not an ordinary youth exchange program! In eventual approval of the project the organizations, should be informed of the activities, which will take place.

The partners will be engaged in three types of activities:

1. Inquiry – They will have to assist to inquire 100 youths from their region.

2. Mobility of youth workers, it will take place in Svishtov, between

3-11.9.2016, three representatives will have to be sent.

3. Locally based initiatives, participants in the training will have to organize along with the organizations which have sent them three public events, to share what they have learned during their mobility.

Executing the project’s activities we will influence on:

-         Reducing the sceptic disposition regarding EU amongst the youth;

-         Prevention of the extremely right-wing and fundamental religious formations;

-         Endorsing European values;

-         Better European integration;

     -    To promote the active of youth people.



Active young people, youth workers, volunteers, project coordinators and  NGO representatives aged 18+ years old from the Programs countries.

- B2 level of English

- To be experienced in the participation and organization of youth initiatives and projects;

-To be concerned of European Union’s future positive development

- To assist in the dissemination of inquiries through internet;

-To be instructed regarding the topics, which will be discussed during the mobility;

- To assure active participation in locally based activities after the mobility;


• 3 young participants aged 18+,

• 10 partner organization form program countries ;

Total: 36 participants from 11 programme countries;



Svishtov, Bulgaria:


03.09-11.09.2016  (8 working days)

During the TC, we will organize trip to Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria.


Working language: English

Financial conditions:

• Organizers will provide accommodation and three meals a day, during the whole event days;

Transport costs following the official calculator for distance Erasmus+




We’re looking for partners from EU and program countries that:

- Share and promote values of the European Union;

- Have experience in international youth projects;

-Assistance doing the survey;

-Co-operation in locally based activities after the mobility in Svishtov, Bulgaria;

-Distribution of online versions of the inquiry’s analysis and the manual of ’’Defender of European values ‘’ amongst young leaders in their own countries;

- Be ready to take active part during the project;

-Be registered in one of the Programme Countries of Еrasmus + Programme.

If you are interested and your organization fulfils the requirements above, please:

- complete the Partner form attached on this info;

- send it in word format (.doc or .docx) to

 Be prepared to get Mandate letter and send it to us by scanned e-mail and in the original post.


Only approved candidates will receive an email with the Mandate letter which should be signed and stamped. Scanned copy to be e-mailed back and original to be posted at an address which will be provided as soon as possible.