Call for partners for 15.02.2018, KA105, Erasmus+

posted Jan 10, 2018, 9:16 AM by Institute Perspectives   [ updated Jan 10, 2018, 9:27 AM ]

Call for partners!


In 2017, Institute Perspectives, created innovative approach for empowering young people, who life in small towns and rural areas in Bulgaria. Now, we would like to share our good methods, with organisation which have real structures and clubs, which work together with young people, for their successful development.

For 15.02.2018 dateline of Erasmus+, we shall apply with 3 project proposals. One is TC and two youth exchange. For each youth exchange we will involve 6 partner and for TC 12 partners. All partner, of youth exchange will be involve in TC, which will be the first for implementation. We do this with reason, to create sustainable partnership. Also, we are Organisation, which believe in EU common values and we work for real implementation of   EU Policy.

Profile of partners:  To have minimum 15 volunteers and youth workers, which organised minimum one educational activity in their region per week for development of youth people.

Role and task: Each partners, shall implement one session during the exchange. Also, after the project will organised  local activity for dissemination of results.


                                        TC OFFER:

Program: E+, KA1, training course

Dateline: 9.2.2018

Topic: In process of creation…

Aims: 20 youth workers will develop competences and methods for transferring the common fundamental values of our society to the hard to reach young people and preventing violent radicalisation of young people as well.

Main activities: 

- Local empirical studies to identify the attitudes of young people about our common fundamental values.

- 7 days training course in Svishtov. With three stages: 4 days training on topic; 2 days for creation non-formal education approaches for transferring the common fundamental values to hard reach young people. 1 day testing the methods with local youth in Svishtov.

-Implementation the created approaches in local community.

Partners: EU programme countries


-Created minimum 6 new education approaches which have power to preventing violent radicalisation of young people.

-Handbook for creation non-formal education methods, which transferring the common fundamental values to the hard reach young people.

YE Proposal 1

Program: E+, KA1, Youth exchange


Aims: 30 young people from NEET group and refugees to develop competence to identify their strong skills and to grow their motivation for participation in labour market. 

Main activities: 

-8 days youth exchange with three stages: A) five days active participation in role plays and simulations for recognition the strong skills of young people.  B) Visiting the public institutions in Svishtov and Veliko Tarnovo.  C) Group work for development materials for information campaign on local level.

-Implementing local initiatives from participants for dissemination the results and activation another NEETs.

Partners: EU programme countries.

Long term results: Created brochures, videos, magazine and etc.


YE Proposal 2

Program: E+, KA1, Youth exchange


Aims: 30 young people with fewer opportunity to develop competence for creation sustainable activities, which support development of rural areas using the values of sharing economy and principles of social entrepreneurship.

Main activities:  9 days youth exchange with four stages:   A) Three days active participation in role plays and simulations for understanding the meanings of values of sharing economy and principles of social entrepreneurship.  B) Two days visiting enterprise, public bodies and schools of entrepreneurship in Svishtov. C) Two days’ group work for creation innovative activities for development of rural areas. D) Two days testing the new products in Svishtov and creation promotion and working materials.

-Implementing local initiatives from participants for dissemination the results.

Partners:  EU programme countries,  doing activities in small towns and rural areas.

Results: Created minimum 5 innovative products for educational, business, tourism for youth in rural areas.

For TC you must involve 2 youth workers with experience. For YE, you must

invite 5 young people from 15 to 24 years old. And one Team leader.

Period of impmenetation:

TC - 24-31.08.2018

YE 1 - 2-11.09.2018

YE 2 - 7 -15. 10. 2018


If you agree with this, request, you can send to us e-mail -, with your PIF and special answers to this question till 21.01.2018:

How many times per month, you organised activities for local youth, without any fund support from EU?

Do you have local public partners like schools and municipality and etc. ?

What is the role of young people in decision making process in your organisation?

How, you can contribute to our project?

Before send e-mail to us, is good to watch all this videos, and give to us small feedback:

We wait for you!