About us

The Non-profit Association “Institute Perspectives” is one of the  fastest evolving NGOs in Bulgaria, working mainly on the development and implementation of youth potential. The founders of  the “Institute Perspectives” originally established a student philosophy club on the 27th March 2012, headquartered in Philosophy Faculty of the “Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius” University of Veliko Turnovo. After that, four new students clubs having been created in Varna, Ruse, Plovdiv and Sofia.  As a result of the various activities carried out by the above mentioned student clubs, their founders have decided to establish a non-profit organization to facilitate broader-scale and various initiatives, which would help the youth to develop their potential in Bulgaria and in the European Union. On the 27th August 2015, they established the Association “Institute Perspectives” as a completely legal non-governmental public-profit organization with economic activity rights.

We have official cooperation agreements with The High School „Dimitar Blagoev”, and Varna University of Economics. By these institutions we organize a lot of various initiatives like conferences, public lectures, debates, information campaigns, International scientific Journal, Education courses, TV Shows and etc. Also we help and encourage them to create and develop projects of Erasmus +. We send employees and student from these institutions to youth exchanges. The members of the board are young people up to 30 years, but in the implementation of our initiatives we include 20 academics and experts from the national level. We have combined the youthful zeal with wisdom and responsibility of adults for the sake of the development of Bulgarian society. Our Associations has 5 departments and 6 clubs in the country. For our initiatives, the Institute relies on the support of 150 young people from Svishtov, Veliko Turnovo, Varna, Plovdiv, Ruse and Sofia. In 2015 we sent our representatives to 15 Erasmus+ youth exchange programs.  

Our experience in european integration:

On 15.01.2013 we organized a public lecture on the topic “The world survived, what now?” where our representatives argued that Bulgaria has to go on with European integration. On 27.02.2013 we took part in a TV debate with politicians and public men on Eurocom Tsarevets, where we maintained that the young in Bulgaria are the real ones who bring the change, the European spirit. On 28.03.2013 seven members of our club took part in the 14th Contest for Students’ Scientific Work, carried out in the Burgas free university. All reports were in the headings – Law and politics, Administration and governance, Public communication. In August and November 2013 representatives of the organization take part in trainings “Power of the young worker I, II”; there were representatives of youth organizations from across the country. The task was to create a network to support the candidacy of Varna for European youth capital. In February 2014 we started cooperation with “European integration and mobility” department of University of Veliko Tarnovo. We have jointly organized cultural events, public lectures and discussions on the similarities and the differences between Bulgaria and the home countries of the Erasmus students. We have organized information meetings about the advantages of mobility via Erasmus+ KA1 in front of students of the Philosophy faculty; after these meetings students carried out “Erasmus semesters” in Poland, Turkey and Romania. In 2014 we, together with the team preparing the candidacy of Veliko Tarnovo for European youth capital, carried out a series of information meetings with the students’community. On 12.12.2014 we took part in an international forum of students’organizations “Come and Search for Your Opportunities in Europe”, carried out in Istanbul, Turkey. Members of the organization took part in all three issues of the International scientific conference “New challenges to security in the Balkans”. Their reports were included in thematic collections from across the world. In May 2015 members of the organization took part in the first forum on E-democracy, stage-managed by BAPCI - BULGARIAN ASSOCIATION FOR THE PROMOTION OF CITIZENS INITIATIVE and Burgas Free University. The chairman of the organization was a special? speaker. In april 2015 the organization hosted the second Debate Forum Bulgaria, organized by Sofia Debate Association. 240 students from across the country took part in the forum. 10 members of ours were directly engaged in the organization and the maintenance of the forum. In October 2015 representatives of the organization carried out two public lectures in Yerevan Brusov State University of Languages and Social Sciences and Yerevan State University. The lectures were on the opportunities which “Erasmus+” offers young people from all over the world. In the period from 22 to 23 April 2016 National Conference “Bulgaria in the 20s of the 21st century. Aspects of Strategic Development” will take place; Representatives of 10 universities will take part in it. During this conference our members will present reports that advocate the conducted European policies and the moral values set in the founding treaties of the EU.

Since the foundation of our association, members of ours have taken part in over than 20 Erasmus+ KA1 exchange programs. After each exchange program participants organize an event in which they communicate to other members and volunteers the experience they have gained.

Projects in the sphere of European integration, European citizenship and European values are our main interest and work, with or without financing – so that the European family can become more and more united.

Our experience in unemployment area:

In 2016 we are organized Youth Exchange with theme: “Young people from unemployment to employment” ERASMUS+ programme with six partner organisations. During the exchange we organized a round table with officials, university teachers, entrepreneurs and students. Also we had a meeting in local labour office and several meetings with successful entrepreneurs from Bulgaria. The results of projects are three short movies on the topic and one thematic handbook for young entrepreneurs.

In November 2015, we published special issue of our International scientific Journal focused on the topic of youth unemployment and the development of the youth potential. It is important to be noted, that all of the articles in the current issue are written by experts in their respective field. All of the authors are offering deep analyses based on practical experience. The articles are separated in three thematically different topics. The first part- "The Problem of Youth Unemployment" is comprised of academic works that describe the general situation of the problem. In addition, many challenges caused by such a problem are shown as well as their possible solutions.

The second part – "European Union's Battle against Youth Unemployment" is an offer to the reader to pay attention to the measures undertaken by the European Union to decrease youth unemployment.

The third part - "Development of Youth Potential" and the articles in it give various ways for the youth to self-aid themselves. For example, dr. Svetla Yordanova is advising you how to communicate in a better way by asking smart questions, in order to be more effective.



In Novembre 2015 in Veliko Turnovo, we organızed educational course for development of European Project. The course included 20 unemployed youths and students. The course aims to introduce young participants to the functions of European programs, as well as the essential link between Policies - Programs - EU projects. The course helped young people to develop practical skills to prepare project proposals. Following his participation in the courses young people acquire the basic knowledge about  ЕU policies, strategies and programs. They also improved practical skills in management of European projects. Today are able to develop a small project idea independently and in a team. In Decembre 2015 and February 2016 we do the same course in Varna with two groups of 15 young people and students.

Through project under „Bulgarian National Youth Programme 2011 – 2015“, in cooperation with Youth Information and Counseling Center - VelikoTarnovo, we conducted a survey of 435 youth from VelikoTarnovo and Lyaskovets by topic - Young people - careers and plans for the successful realization. Objects of the survey were: to collect and analyze information on the challenges young people face in the labor market, potential careers and their plans for success; to generate maximum objective information on the attitudes of young people in the Municipality of VelikoTurnovo Municipality Lyaskovets;

To acquaint the general public with the results of the inquiry teaching.

         Our volunteers and members of the association took part of certain youth exchange and mobility of youth workers under Erasmus+, KA1 from: 07- 14.12.2015 in Trabzon, Turkey, with topic:Power in the economy; women employment! From 01-08.11.2015 in Turin, Italy and 01-11.2015 in Yerevan, Armenia, with topic: From Unemployment to Self-employment. From 10– 20.08.2015 in Cristuru Secuiesc, Romania with topic: Sustainable entrepreneurship Values through e-learning.

In 10th January 2013, 14 of our members take part of training “How to facilitate communication with business and other organizations”, carried out by members of AIESEC Veliko Turnovo.

Our experience in non-formal education:

Our NGO was founded as non-formal youth group and we are developing by virtue of the participations in many initiatives and projects dedicated to non-formal education. Our members and volunteers have participated in:

26th – 28th September 2013 in educational training “Certifying informal education”, organized by the National Center “European Youth Programmes and Initiatives” through the National Youth Programme.

27th February – 1st March 2014 - seven members participate in a seminar named “Coaches Teaching Coaches” carried by the Center for Interethnic Dialogue and Tolerance “Amalipe” and the European Information Center – Veliko Tarnovo.

10th – 15th June 2015 - Youth Exchange Under Erasmus+ with topic - Open to New Horizon, organized by Young Europeans Association, Zawiercie, Poland. The exchange have been hosted in Poronin, Poland.

24th – 28th June –Seventh National Meeting of Youth Worker, Varna.

24-30.10.2015 -Youth Exchange Under Erasmus+ with topic -"Youth empowerment"- Poitiers, France.

6th -16th  December  2015 – Mobility of youth workers under Erasmus+ with topic: Non formal+“ in Poiana Negri, Romania.

On 29th January 2015 together with ‘Youth home – Veliko Turnovo’ we host an information day with topic ‘Sport and youth policies - perspectives’.

The event was directed to youth leaders and youth non-governmental organisations, representatives of municipalities’ administrations and councils from Veliko Turnovo which activity is strongly connected with the elaboration and management of youth policies, non-formal education and development of sport on a local level. On the information day we have guests from the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Through participation in projects on national and European level dedicated to non-formal education we gain experience which from 2016 would be implemented in organized training courses based on the methods of non-formal education. It’s really important for our young members to gain experience in hosting non-formal education events because this topic is not well-known in our region. That’s why we strive to train our representatives first in order to share their experience with other peers from our region.

Our experience in media projects:

From 2013 we are issuing International Scientific Journal Perspectives. So far we have issued 7 pieces of the journal in which 170 
students, young scientists and teachers from United Kingdom, India, South Africa, Turkey, Italy, Poland, Romania,  Latvia, Ukraine and 
Bulgaria have published. The purpose of the journal is to give publicity to topics that have strategic importance for the development of 
different sections of science, economics and the political life in the world. We have reached this by not putting limits on the topics. It is 
advisable for the submitted manuscripts to offer alternatives and solutions.  Students, teachers and scientists of every degree can 
publish an article in the journal. It is desirable for the authors to propose a simple problems in their area in an often understandable
language. The purpose is to evoke an interest on a certain topic.

The official languages for text publishing are English, Bulgarian and Russian. Every number of the magazine is free on address: http://www.institute-perspectives.com/resursi

In 2013 we started to make two TV shows in a partnership with the local television – “Evrokom Tsarevets”. The first one, „The Philosophy with Amigohad the purpose to rationalize the manifestation of fundamental philosophical issues in the society. Every chapter had a topic, on which random students from the university had the chance to speak and say their own opinion. Some of them were experts on the certain topics. These actions happened on the lively streets of Veliko Tarnovo. In the TV show was discussed the impact of Aesthetics the philosophy of beauty and Rhetoric the science of oratory and etc. The second one, „Verbal disorder“, was structured as a TV debate. In each chapter, on a certain topic the students were giving theirfor“ and „against arguments.

For the period 2013 – 2015 our members and volunteers participated in practical internships lasting 240 working hours according to the project Student practices”. The project is performed with a partnership with all 51 universities in Bulgaria. It is created in accordance with the Law of the High education. Information about their probation was published on the local TV channels, radios and newspapers.

         We had solid experience as co-organizators and participants in national and international conferences. In November 2012 – three of our members took part in the scientific conference “Philosophy and Virtuality” at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. In March seven of our members took part in the Fourteenth Competition for Student Scientific Creativity held at Burgas Free University. On 13th May 2013 – Ten members participate in the anniversary student conference entitled “Cogito ergo sum” on the occasion of Veliko Turnovo University’s 50th anniversary.

17th-19th May – five members participated in the 36th Student Literary Competition organized by “Konstantin Preslavsky” University of Shumen “Episcope Constantine of Preslav”. On 27th March 2014 we organized Public discussion on topic- “Manipulation and Disinformation”. In May 2014 we are co-organizers of the International Conference “Philosophy in a Postmodern Situation” in which there are over 80 participants – teachers, researchers and students from numerous countries. In October 2014  – Three members participate in the International Scientific Conference - New Challenges to the Balkans Security 2 organized by the Philosophy Department of the University of Veliko Turnovo.

July 2015 - Two representatives took part as lecturers at youth exchange  via Erasmus+ with topic “Enterpreneurial Lab”, hosted in Karabuk, Turkey. Gabriela Kasarova has spoken on the aspects of media manipulations, and Ahmed Kuytov has spoken on the creating of an international journal and a TV show.

In August 2015 we organızed “The First Speaking Corner” in Varna, Bulgaria with topic “Must young people leave Bulgaria?”.

In January 2016 in Varna we conducted a training on basic skills in the cinematography, which was leaded by the film director Rumen Roussev, who studies film direction in University of Kent, Cantebery. 10 participants took part in the training.

We are preparing a strategy and a platform for our own online national media.

Our experience in projects for healthy lifestyle:

Nowadays there are many vices and negative phenomena which influence the development of the young people. We strive to confirm the virtues based on the common European values through different initiatives from local to European level. Through our initiatives we try to present information for healthy way of life, the harm of drugs, etc. Our most important initiatives during the last four years are as follows:

3rd April 2012 – Public discussion about Internet love.

13th November 2012 - preparing a survey on HIV for the 1st December.

21st November 2012 –collaborative activities with K7 of the “Amalipe” Center on the occasion of December 1st ( movie, survey, protective samples)

19th March 2014 - Public Discussion about Homosexuality.

12-19.10.2015 – Three young participants from our organization took part in Youth Exchange Under Erasmus+ with topic – „My eye is my ear, my hand is my mouth“ в Çanakkale, Turkey. The main aim of the project was to increase the sensitivity of the young people with reference to the theme of social integration and to include people with disabilities in social life.

19- 28.11. 2015 – Five young participants from our organization took part in Youth Exchange Under Erasmus+ with topic ‘JUST BREATHE’ at Kırşehir, Turkey. During the exchange our participants understood that the problem with drug addiction in EU has increased its levels over the last years. They presented ideas how to prevent this threat and protect future generations.

7-14.12.2015 – Two representatives from our organization participated in training course with topic ‘Sports can change your life’ in Barcelona, Spain. 

The aim of the course was to motivate youth workers to use the methods of physical activity and sport to cause a change in social attitude so as to present the participants the mission of the leader in sport.

3-11.03.2016 – Five members of our organization took part in Youth Exchange Under Erasmus+ with topic ‘Health in all its expressions’ at Lyon, France. The mission of the youth exchange was to bring young people from different European countries with high levels of drug use among youth together.

The main aim of the project was to make young people resistant to drugs’ impact so as to turn them into multiplicators which are able to spread the information about harm of the drugs among their peers. That’s why they should be well informed. During the exchange program young people were trained how to create and host campaigns against drugs.


Through organizing and participating in different initiatives our participants have gained experience which are sharing with other young people with problems.